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Mandatory gear list 

Long (12 Hour) & Short (6 Hour) Course 

Team Gear: -

Hydration - must be able to carry 100 oz of water.
2 Compass Per team - (one is for back up)
UTM Plotter 1 to 24,000 scale  / Tool or Method for plotting UTM coordinates ( REALLY EVERY TEAM MEMBER SHOULD HAVE ONE )
Team First-Aid Kit
Lighter or Waterproof Matches
1 cell phone in waterproof container with fully charged battery
Extra Headlamp with fully charged batteries  
Bicycle multi-purpose tool
Chain Repair Tool
Tire pump and/or CO2 cartridges and  inflator
Tube patch kit
Waterproof map carrying case - suggested

Individual Gear: 

Hydration Pack (70 oz to 100 oz or 2 liters) Must carry water at all times during race - unless otherwise advised at pre race.
Food for at least the length of the race
UTM - PLOTTER 1:24,000 - yes every team member should carry one - you never know you might just need it. You may purchas one at the race for 5.00
Compass - every team member should hae a compass at all times unless told otherwise at prerace. We will have compasses to lone before if you forget yours.
Emergency Blanket
Mountain Bike
Bicycle Helmet
White front light mounted on bike or helmet when dark (6 hour does not need this)
Head lamp for treking at night - can be same light as above. (6 Hour does not need this)
Rear Mounted Red Bicycle Light or red light mounted to back pack - light must be turned on when dark (6 hour will not need this)
Paddle or (paddles come with rentals)
Type III PFD - Must be worn at all times on water (pfds come with rentals)
for Sprint gear list go here

Get ALL your AR gear HERE!





Texas Adventure Racing Long Course Gear List