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What racers are saying



"Thanks for a fun day!"

"The clinic was great. It really gave me more confidence in my nav skills."

"Thanks Jim and Michele, this was a fun race"

"I had a great time! Thanks for the event"

"Thanks for the race. We had a great time"

"Great event today! Thanks Jim and Michele"

"Great fun this weekend guys! Had a blast!"

"Had a fun time Jim and Michelle. I thought I had no chance after getting lost on the first 3 cp's on foot. Great course and had a blast." 

"Fun time, thanks Jim & Michelle. Enjoyed being out in the cold and wind."

"Thanks Jim and Michelle. Another fun and challenging course. Looking forward to Texas quest."

"Great job and looked like a good turnout"

"I have completely enjoyed the races that you have been putting on, and hope that these Nav races stay on your line up"

"Thanks Jim & Michele for heading out in the cold and the wind to set up another great course!"




We would like to thank all of you for you hard fought efforts and comments! THANK YOU! The Willies